Why you should get help with tidying

„Tidying? People can do that themselves! You don’t need help with that! I wouldn’t pay money for that!“ That’s how many people react when they hear what I do or watch a documentary about Professional Organizers, KonMari Consultants, or tidying experts.

Let me explain why it can make sense to hire a Professional Organizer or KonMari Consultant.

Theoretically, everyone can tidy up. Just as everyone can paint their living room. Or hang wallpaper on their walls. Or change the tires on their car. You can also cut your own hair, do your own pedicure, and do fitness alone. And of course, you can educate yourself about healthy nutrition and eat well. And still there are professional painters, decorators, garages, hair dressers, beauty parlors, that all have clients. Furthermore, there are Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and much more.

Tidying, Sorting, Organizing, Decluttering – just another regular service!

Organizing and tidying is a service. Just as not everyone can change their own car tires, not everyone can tidy up alone. Obviously, you don’t learn this in school. If you don’t happen to be an apprentice in an office, you also don’t learn how to sort and file papers, structure them, or how long you are supposed to keep certain documents. For many, tidying is just like sports: It is very hard to do it all alone. But if someone is there to guide and support you, it becomes much faster and easier, more efficient, and very often the order lasts.

Special situations in life ask for special actions

Sometimes, life becomes overwhelming. Family, kids, relatives in need of care, illness, psychological problems, difficult marriages, divorce, a move….it’s a long list. And when several problems accumulate, it quickly becomes too much. Often, it is just the crazy day-to-day life. Or your own perfectionism, combined with not enough time keeps you from tidying. Quickly, chaos enters the scene. And if you don’t manage to get on top of the clutter, a Professional Organizer can help tidying, organizing, and getting some structure into your home.

Or maybe just look at it like this: Having someone to help with tidying is just nice!

Maybe you’re just not in the mood to do it alone, but don’t want the chaos anymore. A Professional Organizer has your back and supports you in finding structure and order for your home. This then helps you to keep your home tidy on a daily basis. Together, tidying is much more fun, and goes so much faster.

I am your KonMari Consultant and Professional Organizer in Berlin and Brandenburg and here to support you

As a certified Professional Organizer (NBPO) and KonMari Consultant in Training, I have broad knowledge about several tidying methods. You can learn more about the KonMari™ method in my blogpost. Learn what it feels like to work with a Professional Organizer by reading the report of a client. When you would like help with tidying, call me at 0170 852 11 52, or send me an E-Mail. I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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