Meet The Space Woman!

Hi there! Congratulations, you’ve made it to my page which is all about – you guess it – space. Space in your house, your head, your agenda, your life. Space and time to enjoy the good things.

So let me tell you about me and what I like to use that space for.

My name is Susanne Gaspar – and I help the overwhelmed reclaim their space freely, with clarity, ease, and above all fun.

My favorite things to spend my free time with are my family including the dog and cat, reading, gardening, cooking, and eating delicious healthy food. I enjoy being at home with my son and husband, relaxing, playing, going for a walk and sharing a meal with friends. Being outdoors, at the beach, in the forest or on a mountain are also fantastic. And, obviously, a date night with my husband with great asian food and a movie!

I’ve always loved organizing, structuring, making sure that ends meet, and ensuring a smooth (work)flow.

I used to be an Event Manager in a big 5-star hotel chain, organizing events in Berlin and Doha, Qatar, before I opted for more regular working hours. So I became one of these women who make sure that the Big Boss will be at the right place, at the right time, with the right people and the right papers. You can imagine that I loved my job, as it included a lot of organizing!

After having worked as an Executive Assistant for different bosses, my husband, me, and our then 6-months-old son headed to Amsterdam and, with a baby at home, I wasn’t sure what to do for work.

In the meantime, I had read a lot about organizing, minimalism, and simplifying, and the more I read, the more enthusiastic I got about this. When I discovered that in the Netherlands there actually exists an Association of Professional Organizers that offers courses, I was immediately hooked. I participated in the course, and here I am, ready to help you reclaiming that space in your house, head, agenda, and life.

But I also want more. I want to inspire you, to empower you to make your house the ONE place that feels like home. Your family’s sanctuary.

I want to bring in all my knowledge that I acquired throughout my career, education, and life. I want to combine all the different ideas, strategies, and theories that I learned about and tried myself, to find the best solution for YOU.

Are you ready to do that first step and get in touch? Let’s have a 30-minute Discovery Call. It’s free of charge and obligations. Schedule your call HERE.

I am looking forward to talking to you!

More details about my career, right here at my LinkedIn Profile

More information about my packages.

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